Fibromyalgia and Chiropractors

I go to a chiropractor twice every week. It hurts like hell. He is a specialist in Fibromyalgia. He has lots of opinions although half the time I don’t listen to him because I have been going there for 4 years and I don’t feel any better.  It is getting worse all the time.

Now his first suggestion is for me to stop all my medications. Chiropractors do not believe in modern medicines. They do believe in costly supplements though. I am not willing at this point to completely give up my medications. So I am straddling the fence between holistic doctors and Western doctors. Neither one of them are much help.

The chiropractor finally got me to go on a 3 month program of Stress and Adrenal Support. 4 nasty pills a day. Cost stopped them.

The things it promises:

  • more energy

  • better sleep

  • less fatigue

  • strengthening of your immune function

  • no afternoon crash or fatigue

  • decreased allergies

  • rebuilding stress gland

I don’t know if any of you have tried holistic medicine and had any help from it. I have tried several things from so-called Fibro doctors and not only is the stuff expensive it has not helped.



9 thoughts on “Fibromyalgia and Chiropractors

  1. Ngobesing Romanus

    Hello Tessa! Sorry about the pain. Your post has enabled me to learn many things. If I may ask, what is fibromyalgia? What I think about holistic medicine as any other medicine is, your attitude counts for much. If you don’t believe, it will be hard to work on you. It works when you believe it will.


    1. Tessa Post author

      Essentially it is a disorder of the nerve endings. When they all flare up it is pure agony. It is hard to believe in something that hurts so bad as a treatment. Fibro has trigger points of pain. They are sensitive to touch. He has to push on them to adjust me. I yell during the treatment. My daughter curses during the treatment. she has all the same problems I have.



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