I Made The News Today, Oh Boy! ;) Please Read!

This is a wonderful article on Dyane in the Huffington Post, please give it a read.

Dyane Harwood

Dy & Book

I’d like to ask each of you a BIG favor…and then I’ll owe you one!

Please visit this link at Huff Post Women and leave a comment, a Facebook like, a Facebook share, and whatever else the page allows you to do. If you read it, I’d be honored! 😉

I’d like to thank the author of the profile, Dr. Laurie Hollman. She’s a wonderful advocate for women’s perinatal mental health. Some of her previous articles contain interviews with women living with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. Dr. Hollman’s new book, Unlocking Parental Intelligence: Finding Meaning in Your Child’s Behavior,received rave reviews and it’s super-afffordable on Amazon. Her website is here,and on Twitter she’s at:

Thanks again for taking the time to support this article. It means A LOT to me, as my publisherPost Hill Presswill be checking it out. Like I mentioned, I’ll owe…

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