It’s snowing in Deptford, NJ!

I don’t like snow, but today we are being treated to a snow shower/storm/whatever. Too early to tell, but it is getting heavier and heavier.

If it starts to lay and get heavier dad will make us do the car shuffle. No cars are allowed to park on the street while snow-covered and we have 2 out there.

I do less driving so I get to be in the back, dad in front of me in the driveway and then my son parks on the lawn so he can still get out. He works.

I am still feeling good today, but I don’t want it to change into mania again. I am praying, Dear God, give me a break for a few days at least. Wrong blog, but part of this post.

I have OCD which makes me obsessive and compulsive and currently I am obsessing about which blog to put what.

Thanks Geetha for helping find the old set up. I hated the new one. The only thing I like about that was the pictures in a mosaic form. Deja Vu, did I just write this earlier? Can I get that set up for pictures on the old set up? Anyone who does pictures a lot, what do you use to put them in that form?

Please snow, stop soon. I have a chiropractor appointment tomorrow for my poor back, middle and lower sections, not just lower. I am better than Friday at least. I could barely move and he really hurt me adjusting it. I had about 2 weeks of partial pain and now it is back and worse.

Yesterday I sent an article to and have to wait to see if they use it. Still waiting on the other site I have applied to. Patience is not one of my strong points.