Memory Tips for Bipolar Disorder

This could be helpful for people with cognitive problems and not just bipolar. I use some of these myself.

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Memory is a problem for me and if I find any article with tips I will take notes.  This one appeared in Bipolar Network News for Bipolar Disorder, yet may apply to anyone to sharpen their memory.

Like cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, patients with bipolar disorder often have memory problems, particularly if they have had many prior episodes. Some memory tips from CancerCare’s Chemobrain Information Series may also help patients with bipolar disorder remember things better and keep their memory sharp. Here are some of their tips:

  • Make lists. Carry a notepad with you, or use a smartphone to keep track of errands, shopping lists, daily tasks, and when you should take your medications.
  • Use a paper or electronic day planner or a personal organizer to keep track of appointments and special days like birthdays or anniversaries.
  • Use a wall calendar and hang it in a…

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