White Everywhere…

As of 4:00 PM we had over a foot of snow in NJ. Then it started again. I haven’t looked lately.

My Fibromyalgia is really bad today. I stayed in bed and rested all day. Everything was canceled.

We went out to find something open with food. Ended up at WAWA and a hoagie.

I am redoing this site since it is both my health advocate and my religious site. I notice I lost readers when I made it a third blog. Now my numbers are back up. This is from someone who doesn’t watch her stats much.

I finally got my 3 songs with the videos embedded. That was hard. It took me forever. My technological abilities are waning between a loss in my cognitive abilities and not using them for over 5.5 plus years. You do tend to lose what you don’t use. I was already losing my cognizant abilities at my last job. I had to apologize to customers all day because my brain would go dead. I simply couldn’t say anything.




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