Crazy week or 2 mentally – don’t forget your meds!

I really screwed up and let my anxiety medicine  run out and then we got hit by a snow storm and everything was shut down which ended up causing withdrawal from Klonopin. Not a good scenario. I was off it 4 days and I take a high dose. I felt terrible. Finally got it and then had to build up slowly. Luckily it didn’t affect my mood swings.

This is the 2nd time I did this with the withdrawal although last time it was my mood stabilizer and my anti-depressant.  Same type of withdrawal symptoms but at least not 4 days only 2 days for the Cymbalta and several days for the mood stabilizer. I went nuts. Mood swings like crazy, switching constantly.

I now set the phone alarm so I don’t forget them.


7 thoughts on “Crazy week or 2 mentally – don’t forget your meds!

    1. Tessa Post author

      Haven’t missed them since except the anxiety meds I forgot to renew and then the snow hit. I should have gotten someone to drive me to the store since I didn’t want to drive. Could have saved myself some grief.

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    1. Tessa Post author

      You are welcome. This is the second time although this time I forgot to renew them til the last minute and then the snow storm made pick up hard. But the phone alarm works best and it is usually with me.



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