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Mental illness writers: want to be a guest blogger and have me share your blog too?

If you would like to be a guest blogger on Lucky Otters Haven about mental health and stigma check out this post.

Lucky Otters Haven


This is a great opportunity for new bloggers looking to increase their views, but you don’t have to be new to participate!

Until now, almost all the posts on Lucky Otter’s Haven have been written solely by me (I’m not counting reblogged articles by others, who wrote them for their own sites). But I feel like this blog is in need of some fresh material. I know there are lots of mental illness bloggers on WordPress sharing their own personal stories and struggles, and so many of you are such great writers too, with your own unique style and voice. So I want to extend an invitation to anyone interested in writing for this blog about their own personal experiences in living with a mental illness. I’m especially interested in people suffering from disorders caused by abuse and trauma: Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), covert narcissism (C-NPD), narcissistic abuse syndrome (NAS)…

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Simple Woman’s Daybook – February 3, 2016



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The Simple Woman’s Daybook

For Today…  Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Outside my windowIt poured here in NJ.

I am thinkingI need to do something about organizing my writing paraphernalia.

I am thankfulthat my stomach ache is going away.

I am wearingblack pants with a silver, soft and shiny shirt and no shoes.

I am creatinga mess in front of me with all of my notes on my writing and the articles I write for the International Bipolar Foundation. Need to figure out how to organize it. This is part of my organizing problem

I am goingto make notebook lists for all these scraps of paper so all notes are together.

I am wonderinghow to relax waiting to here if articles are accepted.

I am readingthe Bible verse by verse starting in Genesis. I am still in Genesis sadly. It is a slow read.

I am hopingto be accepted by another volunteer blogging outfit.

I am learningtolerance and forgiveness through God and to ask for what I need.

In my kitchenthere is practically no food still.

A favorite quote for todayGo for it now. The future is promised to no one. —-Wayne Dyer

A peek into one of my daysReally depends on sleep, mental health and my blogging schedule.

One of my favorite thingsis eating to my waistlines detriment.