Daily Devotions – February 3, 2016 by Teresa Smeigh


He Died on the Cross for Us

by Teresa Smeigh

Happily Choose His Will Over Your’s Every Day


1 Peter 2:6    He who believes in him will not be disappointed


God is presenting you with a choice of faith.

Every day this choice comes.

Can you say? “Lord instruct me; I trust you even in this.”


Dear Father,

Instruct me. I trust you not to lead me astray, but to help me.



4 thoughts on “Daily Devotions – February 3, 2016 by Teresa Smeigh

      1. Carl D'Agostino

        Once we really live in Christian kindness it becomes a natural attitude and we ingest the whispers without knowing it. Becomes a way of life once we surrender. Still we don’t always make the right call or we are led in a direction we may not like or understand but at least we train ourselves to be available to the whispers. I keep it simple : never be the source of anyone’s misfortune and never pass an opportunity to perform a charitable deed. With that simple foundation an automatic Christian aura will permeate all that we do.

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