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Psycho-therapy Today

Before I start I want to remind everyone that I, too, suffer from Bipolar and I have chosen to choose a more positive influence in my life through Jesus Christ. Do I still suffer, of course, I do. He creates miracles, but that doesn’t mean he will wipe my life into all smooth sailing. For his own reasoning he has decided that I am to suffer with Bipolar, other mental health disorders and quite a few chronic pain issues.

Do I blame him for my suffering. I used to. So much so that I gave up my beliefs for 40 years. Now I have decided to follow his lead and trust his plans for my life. I don’t know exactly what they are, but I think they have to do with helping those that suffer with any disorder or disease.

I do this as I have understood his wishes to be. That may change over time. I am fairly stable now. I also monitor my own meds and have a few to play with to change my moods as necessary.

My therapist is proud of me. Of who I am becoming and what I am doing to help others  when I can. I have my negative days, but I have more positive ones now and I am much happier with my life.

I am writing and getting published. That has always been a dream. I didn’t think it would be about bipolar, but that is just the beginning. My writing blog is full of new stuff. 6 articles are currently published. Posted stuff on other blogs. Been interviewed by a few posters as well.

I have one book started and one serialized story on the other blog that just may make a book eventually with work. Now it is just working off prompts. There are some time line issues.

I am willing to talk to anyone who wants or needs to talk and to pray for anyone who wants or needs prayers. I am thinking of creating a prayer bowl. Although I am not sure exactly how that works yet. I know my parents kept one and I believe they prayed for everyone in there at once and were constantly receiving calls to add others to the bowl. My mom is no longer with us, but dad might remember.


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For Today…  Thursday, February 4, 2016

Outside my windowstill dark and gloomy, but no rain at the moment, here in NJ.

I am thinkingI need to do something about organizing my writing paraphernalia. Why is it all I can do is think about it. It would make my work easier if I could find things at my finger tips.

I am thankfulThat it isn’t currently raining as my therapy appt is a walk from the parking garage.

I am wearingblack pants with a turquoise top with a collar.

I am creatingmounds and mounds of clutter in my bedroom which is the room I live in. This is dad’s house so I have my bedroom to keep my junk and I am a hoarder so it just keeps getting higher.

I am goingto therapy today.

I am wonderingwhat to write for my next article.

I am readingthe Bible verse by verse starting in Genesis. I am still in Genesis sadly. It is a slow read.

I am hopingto be accepted by another volunteer blogging outfit. Still waiting to hear.

I am learningtolerance and forgiveness through God and to ask for what I need.

In my kitchenthere is practically no food still. Hmm this is a real problem when we are supposed to be eating healthy.

A favorite quote for todayNo act of kindness, no matter how small, is every wasted. —-Aesop

A peek into one of my daysReally depends on sleep, mental health and my blogging schedule and that schedule is loose. No definite time set.

One of my favorite thingsis writing for my blogs.