Daily Archives: February 9, 2016

Bipolar Disorder will not defeat me, God is my Savior!

Having bipolar disorder is not easy, but being saved by God has changed my viewpoint on why I suffer from that and all the other disorders. They give me more empathy for others who suffer, be it bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, BPD and physical disorders with chronic pain. I have them all and I know what it is like. I wish it was different, but my Lord knows what I need and has planned my life. If I end up in a wheel chair eventually God will be with me still and guiding my life. He is leading me down the path of my life that he has planned out and I praise thee Lord.

It Is Well (Lyric Video) // Kristene DiMarco // You Make Me Brave

It Is Well (Lyric Video)

By Kristene DiMarco // You Make Me Brave

Dedicated to my 17 year old Grandson who is having a heart procedure today. It has already started. Please pray for him. He is doing this so he can join the US Marine Corps. Thank You!



Daily Gratitude February 9, 2016

Dear Lord, thank you in advance for good news for my grandson’s heart procedure. He is 17, scared, but I pray that he is alright and that this will be the procedure that will fix his arrhythmia and allow him to join the Marine Corps, his hearts desire. Thank you!