Daily Archives: February 11, 2016

What Is A Fibro Flare?

What it means when your fibro friend tells you they are flaring. See the chart for the pain numbers. Funny I just used that although I had no copy of one.

Source: What Is A Flare?

Praise the Lord, my pain is less today.

I was very surprised to wake up this morning in less Fibromyalgia pain than normal. I would say it is around 3/10 today. My knees hurt, but only the joint parts. I thank the Lord for answering my prayers for less pain.

Daily Gratitude February 11, 2016

Dear Lord, thank you for continuing to see my Grandson through his healing. I pray that he is able to have his future as a US Marine which is his dream job at this point. His one big holdup besides finishing his Senior year in high school is this problem with his heart. They were able to fix it 95% not 100%. I hope this doesn’t stop him from his dreams. Thy will be done,