Daily Archives: February 14, 2016

No mania! Depression, quite severe today.

I took an extra antidepressant in an effort to fight this off before it becomes severe enough for me to start thinking suicide again. I had been holding quit steady there for quite a while.

I have been in bed all day and now I must still write today’s devotional and gratitude list and basically should write tomorrows since I try to write them the day before and put them in the schedule.

The good news is that the nose spray and pill combined are working on my allergies and I haven’t sneezed for 2 days and I was used to 4-8 times a day. That’s the silver lining. I wonder if it caused the depression though as a side-effect. Can’t seem to find the stable setting anymore although If I catch the swings early enough less damage is done.

Now I am still thinking bed. I will probably after the devotions are written.