No mania! Depression, quite severe today.

I took an extra antidepressant in an effort to fight this off before it becomes severe enough for me to start thinking suicide again. I had been holding quit steady there for quite a while.

I have been in bed all day and now I must still write today’s devotional and gratitude list and basically should write tomorrows since I try to write them the day before and put them in the schedule.

The good news is that the nose spray and pill combined are working on my allergies and I haven’t sneezed for 2 days and I was used to 4-8 times a day. That’s the silver lining. I wonder if it caused the depression though as a side-effect. Can’t seem to find the stable setting anymore although If I catch the swings early enough less damage is done.

Now I am still thinking bed. I will probably after the devotions are written.



8 thoughts on “No mania! Depression, quite severe today.

  1. FLO

    Sorry you have to go through this. Hope you find the balance you seek, soon. Maybe the really cold weather is affecting you? It’s a downer for me, makes me feel low. But we’ve already reached the low temperature and now we are going to go back up!

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  2. Susan Langer

    One of the ways I fight my depressive episodes is by putting on praise and worship music. It is hard to stay depressed when you are praising the Lord. Try it and you may see that it works. Hope you feel better. I’ll be praying for you. 🙂

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    1. Tessa Post author

      Thank you Susan. I thought about that, but I have to wear a head set now rather than use speakers. I guess it is no different really and I can play it louder so not as to bother the rest of the house.

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