Daily Archives: February 21, 2016

To my friends, medical problems – do you have suggestions, any and all accepted. My body is weird.

I need help. I trust in Jesus and he is probably doing this as part of his plan for my following in his footsteps while he develops a plan for me, but I am suffering in the meantime and though I am honored to follow the plan he fashions for me, some relief would help in the  meantime if he will let me accept it.

Here are the biggest problems:

Knees (worse), but all joints are subject to the arthritis – has to be joints since it isn’t the trigger points from my Fibro which Is currently about a 5/10. I have been using Arnica Cream, best out of what I have on hand. Prescription Voltaren is useless.

IBS – no matter whether I eat healthy or junk, it gives me terrible stomach pain and accompanying constipation and then quickly changes to diarrhea. What am I supposed to eat.

Acid Reflux – ugh. Wake up choking on acid and then swallow it. In misery for hours. Trying to sleep as upright as I can, but three pillows so far and useless. 2 straight days. Been in bed 2 days.