Fibromyalgia lies, oh it so lies…My two week period of pain and many different kinds of pains, etc.

My Chiropractor is an expert in Fibromyalgia as well. Also have a rheumatologist doctor and my family doctor weighing in.

Today  my knees finally gave up. I could barely hold the weight. It was the joints. For 2 weeks I thought my Fibro was getting better, while this other pain kept getting worse. I went to the chiropractor today. I listed all my pains: jaws, face, head, neck, the whole spine and back, the hips, the knees, legs, arms and feet. Feet and arms are numb.

Then there is the upset stomach, IBS, acid reflux. (Probably all the junk I ate) I got a lecture on my diet. Not the only doctor reading me the riot act.

I am overweight and actually seriously obese and getting worse. I am at my highest weight. I noted this the other night I think. I am 240 pounds and 4’11” tall. Eating is part of my comfort zone. He said my body is full of inflammation.

Now my doctors are taking my comfort away and being damned strict about it. I am suffering from all the sugar I eat. The wheat I eat. I must immediately stop sugar (also have diabetes) wheat which includes my sandwiches, pizza, pasta. potatoes, some fruits.

I asked him what on this earth can I eat. He says meat, fresh fruits and vegetables. My son and I found a diet that is lacto-ovo-pescatarian  (semi-vegetarian. only fish, dairy, and eggs). I can live with that and throw in some fresh fruits and veggies and occasionally red meat.

I have to stop it cold turkey, my son has been working on slowly changing his diet. I don’t have that time. I can’t keep up this level of pain and no pain relievers. I know the no sugar edict is a must for so many things.

Tomorrow I have to go to grocery store and buy the ingredients. All junk food out of my bedroom. No fried foods. Hopefully settle stomach.

I had today – eggs, fish, raw carrots. Very low carbs. Might lose some weight another plus.


14 thoughts on “Fibromyalgia lies, oh it so lies…My two week period of pain and many different kinds of pains, etc.

  1. morgueticiaatoms

    One of the big changes I have made that’s taken off 14 pounds in three months, in spite of all the meds, is just drinking water. I allow myself other stuff, but the water and giving up pop have made a bigger difference than all the jogging ever did.

    I am glad you’re making changes to feel better but keep in mind, and pretty much every health guru would agree- if you eat healthy all week and stay on track…Let yourself have a little naughty treat now and again. Total self denial is just asking for relapse so reward yourself for succeeding.
    Ya know, with a scoop of ice cream, not the truck load of Ben and Jerry’s being delivered. My kid has dibs on that truck 😉

    Feel better ❤

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    1. Tessa Post author

      Thanks Morgue. I will pick another brand. I am not really picky about my ice cream just want my ice cream. My bad thing is that once I let myself go once all bets are off. I have trouble stopping again. Just started on Thursday and fully on Friday.



    Walking is better than jogging. Swimming is the best. If you do not mind me asking; my best friend had fibromalagia, and since them many woman have spoken about there experience( they have one thing in common, at one time they were extremely physical in sports and in the service. I just wondered if you can relate to this experience. You health is not who you are; it just makes life more challenging. To stop drinking soda pop is one best diet plan. Best wiishes.


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