The Simple Woman’s Daybook – March 2, 2016


Hosted by Peggy Hostetler

The Daybook Edition is posted every Monday of each month, but you are free to link up as many times as you wish during that month.
For Today… March 2, 2016
Outside my window…Gray skies and very windy.
I am thinking…Do I want to go grocery shopping with carts racing around unattended and no cart parking available.
I am thankful…To be starting a healthy new diet.
I am wearing…Robe, just got out of shower.
I am creating…A new article
I am going…crazy with the squirrels getting into the house somehow and running across my bedroom roof, not the outside roof.
I am wondering…if I have the stuff to write a whole book? I am great with short stories and poems.
I am reading…the Bible jumping around since I write Daily Devotionals.
I am hoping…for weather at least in the 60’s, 45 degrees right now.
I am learning…How to understand the bible on my own finally.
In my kitchen…empty again except some staples, have to shop for more healthy foods.
A favorite quote for today…With God all things are possible – Matthew 19:26
A peek into one of my days…It is a hodge podge. I sleep weird hours due to my bipolar disorder and Fibromyalgia. I am on the computer at all different hours, writing articles, devotionals and reading other blogs as I can.
One of my favorite things…writing
PLEASE NOTE: If you need an example of how to put your daybook together, feel free to visit my page – Peggy

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