Daily Archives: March 16, 2016

Mania, BPD, Delusions of Grandeur…

I have been suffering from delusions of grandeur, the bipolar and the BPD. I also suffer from delusions of the auditory and visual sort. Haven’t even felt like touching the computer much.

I have this idea that I must be better that the average bear.

I wrote a letter to my ex-husband and children. They are all fully grown.  I shot from the hip trying to get him off my chest. Not smart. He thinks I need to be hospitalized and my father agrees for different ideas. He just wants me well.

I might consent to go because I can’t stand the way I am feeling. My medication is not working right.

Physical pain increased.

I will try to give you a heads up if I go.

I have 3 children who care. I am sorry for that K1. I was rude, insensitive and very sorry. I love all 3 of you.

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