Daily Archives: April 27, 2016

Give me a break please…

Into my life a million raindrops are falling.

Due to  Effexor I am brain dead, food makes me ill and breathing is becoming difficult and I can’t sleep, terrible nightmares. (All side effects listed)

Today I find out someone has my credit card number. Luckily the transaction failed and hopefully won’t go through so that I have to go through Visa to get my money back. Idiots picked the wrong account. I am broker then broke. Card is canceled and will get new one tomorrow. Of course I had just used the card about an hour before.

Tomorrow I also have an appointment with the therapist who is leaving my life. My favorite one so far. It will be my first time driving since the procedure. Family is worried.

My cat is switching her allegiance to my son. She is finally coming to me again in short spurts during the week.  She must feel abandoned since the family moved me downstairs so I can’t fall down these steps anymore at least.


Tessa (and thank you for the continuing prayers and notes.)