Breaking down the walls…

I am still fighting the side-effects of the medication they put me on. If it is not that medication I  have some serious conditions that will mean more medical care. Last night I forced myself to write a post on Bipolar and sent to IBPF blog. Honestly don’t know if it is cognitively correct or not.  I still have to be forced to eat. Not really ready to blog yet.  Just a quick update.




26 thoughts on “Breaking down the walls…

  1. Mysticalwriter

    Hi, Tessa, Glad to read you are doing a little better. Take the time you need to get adjusted, looking forward hearing from you again real soon!

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  2. Rutujaforlifee👑

    I just read your post ..I wish you a recovery soon ..But a little piece of advice from my personal experience. .Your body has the power to rebuild itself physically through its mental power and we all are powerful …Just decide what you want and claim it because once you spread such vibes u will feel better ..Just silence your mind and look out for all the possibilities which can cure you .God bles you !

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