Dear Friends…

Things have not gotten better. I am mentally and physically trying to heal and get better. Things seem worse. I am tired of my family yelling at me. Can’t eat, always sleeping leads to yelling.

Thursday I see my med nurse and therapist. I dread starting over with more meds. I react so badly to them. Even the one that let me be stable for 8 months lasted just that long. I almost stopped all my meds.  I want the old me back from pre-hospital.

I took a shower this morning. Been a while.

Love and miss you all.





12 thoughts on “Dear Friends…

  1. Doctor Jonathan

    Never give up. There is a purpose you serve on this planet which may include showing others in pain a path to recovery exists. Find your passion again to help guide you to this pathway. Search for any and all positivity and utilize its energy to strengthen your heart and passion for life. Think about how many comments you read about your words bringing meaning to other people’s lives.

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    1. Tessa Post author

      Thank you for your kind words Jonathan. Still searching for my purpose though I tend to lean towards yours. I just felt it this morning during a spate of tears that ran for hours. It was like a switch was flipped. I felt the desire to write a devotional again. I feel like living.



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