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Tell All Tuesday Series: Favorites

Tell All Tuesday Series: Favorites

We all have our unique list of favorites, so…

Q-What are your favorites?



  • Favorite Flower-Lilacs
  • Favorite Color-Mint Green
  • Favorite Perfume-Red Door
  • Favorite Word-Love
  • Favorite Number-5
  • Favorite Day-Saturday
  • Favorite Month-October
  • Favorite Candy-Caramel Cremes
  • Favorite Snack-Cake
  • Favorite Artist-None really
  • Favorite Animal– Cats
  • Favorite Reptile-Sea Turtle
  • Favorite Activity-Writing
  • Favorite Shape-Octogon
  • Favorite Movie-The Stand
  • Favorite Song-Hmm, none at this moment. Into gospel music types now.
  • Favorite Book– The Stand by Stephen King
  • Favorite Drink-Dr. Pepper
  • Favorite Alcoholic Beverage-Strawberry Daiquiri
  • Favorite Stone– Emerald