Daily Archives: May 29, 2016

Got my walk in and more than 5 minutes

We drove partway to the park, but then had to walk down that block and across park to the other side.

My feet hurt. I was overheated and my hips and back were singing the blues. However I followed through with my promise to get out of the house more. I did have to rest when I got home though. And the free meal was a nice bonus.

So now I get up in the morning and stay up, no more naps. I am walking at 5 minutes at a time as requested by chiropractor (today was longer) and getting out of the house more.

Hope my kids are happy with my progress.



I am thankful for:

I am thankful for:

I can’t fit a desk in this room which I need and I was fit to be tied, but Dad had a hospital bed tray on wheels that he wasn’t using.

It works perfect. I can move it to either side. I can move it down to end of bed and use as a regular desk. I can push it against the one window once all the boxes are gone.

My calendar fits on it great and I can write on it and see it easily. Can even write on top or move the calendar off for a project.

Especially important as I have to start doing my article research a different way. I can write on here if needed while my article stays up on the computer. Some of you know about my recent fiasco. I don’t need another one. I also have to redo those topics if I still want to use my older stories in my files. I don’t need a repeat and writing while under the influence of psychiatric drugs is bad news.





Happy Memorial Day weekend from NJ

I just watched the parade of this community go by my house. We are so big and spread out I would suppose each community has its own parade and food is available afterwards. (Free Food). Will get my walk in today. Longer than usual most likely. The town will be there and a lot will drive. The ones like us that aren’t too close to the park to walk in our conditions.

I had carrots earlier so real food appeals to me. The carrots were a snack.

Worked on some of the medical bills and EOB’s. You can’t imagine how many I have unless you are being treated for a lot of things like me. I haven’t started paying the hospital. Waiting to see if I qualify for help from Charity Care. I have payment plans set up with the smaller non-hospital ones.

My son is going away and overnight for the holiday. I had to make sure I got my meds before he left. He is still here. Cleaning his tent and kayak.

No mail so no bills today. I dread getting the mail.

I was supposed to get a left mammogram and ultrasound due to a small cyst. I was supposed to have a cat scan of my lungs. All postponed due to the cost. I have to get glasses, but the program on my Medicare Advantage plan will pay for standard glasses on their frames so hopefully can avoid a charge there, but my eyes are getting worse. They affect my daily life for sure so have to get them no matter what.

The carrots are giving me a tummy ache. They do quite often. Have to watch how many I eat. My stomach will reject veggies at times. Other times I can eat them. I also have a headache. Nerves, but I decided to follow my pledge and join into outside activities.