Daily Archives: May 31, 2016

After the Lymes test

I had to go to the APN psychiatric nurse for my medications.

I had to go to the pharmacy and get the diabetes supplies, and new scripts. One had to be ordered as always. Had to go back because they forgot to give me the meter.

I messed with it for quite a while to get it working. I usually don’t have trouble with these meters. Before dinner my reading was 237. Still too high.

Charity care has been approved for 100% so I don’t owe the hospital  over $2000 now. Just a few smaller bills for other things.

Praise the Lord,


Lymes test done, now the wait

Went this morning and got my Lymes test blood drawn. She did a good job. I barely felt the stick.

At 3:30 PM I have my psych nurse appointment about my medicine. It is giving me terrible insomnia.

After that I have to go pick up my diabetic supplies.

Busy day for  me.


Praise the Lord,