Daily Archives: June 6, 2016

Healthy Eating

My sugars are out of control and run from 250 to 350 fasting. Not good!

So besides the talk with my doctor who may or may not do anything. If he didn’t I wouldn’t be surprised. He hasn’t been particularly helpful up  to now.

So I got vegetables and fruits. I also got some chocolate milk. I don’t drink milk unless it is thickly chocolate. This is 1% and I figured I would hate it, but it wasn’t that bad and so I can drink a little milk. I know I have to watch the sugar content. I need diabetes nutrition classes again. I don’t remember  much from my original classes many years ago.

Got my walk in. Trip around Walmart and the trip in from the parking lot. Lots of walking, but surprisingly it isn’t too bad on the pain side. Sleeping last night was so painful and getting out of bed was hard and I lose my balance and crash into something all the time.

Praise be the Lord and thank you for a day less all the pain.


Blog site headers

My daughter made me a logo and now she is going to make a matching header for that blog and just a header for my writing blog. I hope the writing blog is funny and cartoonish. That is what I told her I wanted. The books on there now are very serious, remind me of encyclopedias.

She is a talented computer graphic artist. She does work on the side and some of it just happens to be her family’s. She did my son’s certified personal training and group training logos plus something he can use on a t-shirt if he wanted it.

Praise be the Lord,


The Savings Account

I have been thinking about the savings account for funeral expenses (well cremation without a ceremony) and thought that could be a safety stash in case of other things coming up.

Car breaking down, deposits for a place to live, etc. Life’s little emergencies.

I need to cut down on recreational type spending and start saving. My daughter will be expecting a check each month to add to the account. That gives me more incentive.

Praise be with you,