Healthy Eating

My sugars are out of control and run from 250 to 350 fasting. Not good!

So besides the talk with my doctor who may or may not do anything. If he didn’t I wouldn’t be surprised. He hasn’t been particularly helpful up  to now.

So I got vegetables and fruits. I also got some chocolate milk. I don’t drink milk unless it is thickly chocolate. This is 1% and I figured I would hate it, but it wasn’t that bad and so I can drink a little milk. I know I have to watch the sugar content. I need diabetes nutrition classes again. I don’t remember  much from my original classes many years ago.

Got my walk in. Trip around Walmart and the trip in from the parking lot. Lots of walking, but surprisingly it isn’t too bad on the pain side. Sleeping last night was so painful and getting out of bed was hard and I lose my balance and crash into something all the time.

Praise be the Lord and thank you for a day less all the pain.


8 thoughts on “Healthy Eating

    1. Tessa Post author

      I have to get serious. My blood sugars are never below 200 any more. This dr either plays the game the right way or I look for an endocrinologist. Nice to see you back. Missed you there for a bit.

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  1. smilebe4tears

    I was at 485 when I came off life support, watch your fruits, I refuse all medicine except for insulin now. I take cinnamon and turmeric with tart cherry and devil’s claw and I average around 160 now. The biggest change I did was pack up all my dinner plates and I use the salad plate for all my meals and I only eat red meat for special occasions. So many great recipes out there for diabetes you just pick and choose. You can do this!

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    1. Tessa Post author

      My son and I have different diets. He is a body builder so needs much more than I can have. He told me to make what I need to have and that he would make what else he needs after and/or around that. Thank you!

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