Daily Archives: June 8, 2016

My Medication

My son and I just finished packing the pills in the holder. I do the work he watches to make sure I don’t sneak any pills. This is the life of a suicide attempter. I am not allowed to have more than a couple days of pills at a time.

This is a test of the new post writer. I hate it, but need to use it for a project. I finally found the save the draft button. I don’t know how I missed it last night while looking for it.

I still use the old one. I hate when they make things “easier” because it is always worse. I suppose there is someone who likes it, but I have heard a lot of complaints.


The pain is back, not quite a 10, but I have to stop moving right now!

I was emptying boxes in the (new) room and did a lot of bending over. My back has quit on me.

I did get another box empty out of here at least. Some for charity and some for me. I took all the recycles and the trash bag out last night for trash night or rather day is when they pick it up.

I cleaned off the front of the computer desk and the bed tray I am using as a table works great. I wanted my desk, but no room against wall for it, but this tray desk moves where I need it and out of the way in a pinch.

I have been working on trying to learn Office 365 (got the dummies book coming), but they aren’t the same as the versions I am used to.

Lucky me has several patches of external yeast infection on my chest and stomach again. Very painful on it’s own. I worry about Shingles. I fall in that group. However, I think this is just a yeast infection. The infection smells awful. I have a tube of Ketoconazole to put on it. They take weeks usually to clear up and I no sooner get it cleared up that it returns again.

If we had a tub and I could actually get in one then it might heal faster using powdered I think it is oat meal or something like that. Made for like chicken pox. BUT we don’t have a tub and I can’t get in and out of them so it doesn’t matter.

Trying to think about something to write. I am bored.

Another storm again today. Everyday and we live in NJ. Everyday we get one. Usually quick ones, but storms none the less.

I ate earlier and took my sugar. It was 411. Ouch! Something has to be done, even eating healthy I am passed the stage of my pills working and the numbers coming down. Dr hasn’t changed my pills, dosages or even added anything for years now. Bad dr, really. He has changed over the years. Heaven forbid he has to do work.  Maybe  look for endocrinologist and see if he will send me to nutrition classes. I think my insurance will pay.

I have been reading some again as well. It puts me to sleep. I used to read 6 or more books a week.

I am waiting for my daughter to finish my headers for my blogs and to pick a day so I can add her to my checking account and have her open a savings account for my emergency/death fund.

Praise be the Lord,