My Medication

My son and I just finished packing the pills in the holder. I do the work he watches to make sure I don’t sneak any pills. This is the life of a suicide attempter. I am not allowed to have more than a couple days of pills at a time.

This is a test of the new post writer. I hate it, but need to use it for a project. I finally found the save the draft button. I don’t know how I missed it last night while looking for it.

I still use the old one. I hate when they make things “easier” because it is always worse. I suppose there is someone who likes it, but I have heard a lot of complaints.


13 thoughts on “My Medication

  1. morgueticiaatoms

    My feelings for the new posting experience are the same as they are for that death trap Grand Am I am trying to get dragged off. HATE.
    If I lose my bookmark to the old post template I will probably leave wordpress. I’m not against change. Just when it makes things worse instead of better.

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      1. Tessa Post author

        Think we are talking about 2 different things. I use the old original writer. The one they swear is new and improved, sucks. I have the pathway to the old one and am staying there if possible. I really hate what they consider their new one.


  2. ofhisgloryblog

    Friend, I hope that you have had a better day tomorrow that you had today, and I pray that your faith in Jesus Christ increases, and that you can be more closer to him, so that his glory can touch you in these moments when you are weak, and glorify you with the joy and love and the awesome-ness of him,
    Always remember, a prayer said in the weakest moment, with a humble heart is the more powerful than anything on earth. Hallelujah God Bless you my dear friend.

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