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Partner Program is Closing: Only 1 Spot Remaining — Dream Big, Dream Often

I currently have 18 Partners: One More Shot Please, Advocate for Mental Illness, Single Girls Rock, Beach Body Bliss, Peace From Panic, Lucky Otter’s Haven, Getting Fit for Forty, Two Are Better Than One, Second Wind Leisure Perspectives, Mellix Life, BzirkWorld, In the Arena, In Between Moderation, Being Lydia, Tom Slatin, Harsh Reality, Rendezvous En New York, Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride and Insane Roots. I am going to […]

via Partner Program is Closing: Only 1 Spot Remaining — Dream Big, Dream Often

My new header for this blog. (Praise the Lord seems to be the new title since I put that there duh!)

My daughter made me a new header to match the logo she made me.

By putting the title and tagline on the header I decided to put Praise the Lord on the original tag line and it changes my title from Advocate for Mental Illness to Praise the Lord. I think I will leave it for now. I like having something in that spot and it is something I like on the blog.

Sugar level fasting still in the 200’s. I am waiting for my dr appointment as this is getting really bothersome. I know it isn’t good and probably part of why I don’t feel well. This is mainly my fault since my dr needs to be pushed into doing anything and I never pushed him. NOW look where I am and I no longer want to take the chances I have been taking. Healthy eating is not bringing the numbers down. He has not increased the medicine in many years or tried a new one or even 2. I see a dr who just doesn’t care like he should. He is also responsible for my care. We have to work together.

Praise the Lord,