It’s “Shark Week.” And I’m back out in the water, crawling my 1 1/2 miles with a back brace on to prevent me from aggravating my spine twisting my torso too far when I turn right and left for a breath of air. Little by little, we lose things we love and adjust, accept and move on. I’m […]

via 90’s Film “Swimming With Sharks” w/Kevin Spacey — Bipolar Strength: Rebel WITH A Cause

3 thoughts on “Bipolarbrainiac

  1. orbb80

    (off topic) I’ve been meaning to tell you that I love the new header, it’s so much more personable. It was so nice (suddenly can’t remember her relationship to you & I know you have mentioned it more that once, along with her name that I cannot call to mind either) of her to make this for you. 🙂

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    1. Tessa Post author

      Thank you. This was the talent of my oldest daughter. She has made many different things for me over the years and just did a logo, emblem and poster job for her brother. I don’t use their names on here. She is K1, daughter 2 is K2 and W1 for my son.

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  2. morgueticiaatoms

    Heard of, but never watched, Swimming With Sharks. Aside from Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey is my favorite actor. Dunno why I’ve never watched, unless it’s a comedy. My attention span doesn’t allow for movies, especially comedies.
    My “shark week” stems from something I saw on Reddit about the shape of some shark species looking like ovaries and fallopian tubes thus…shark week.
    Woulda been way cooler to reference Spacey. Love that guy.

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