Invited to write for another blog…

My first story for “My Trending Stories”

8 thoughts on “Invited to write for another blog…

    1. Tessa Post author

      I have several books for adults, but still prefer the kids ones. Usually the pictures aren’t that difficult so I don’t’ end up frustrated.


  1. avaswan

    Tessa so glad you’re count is coming down. Fasting is no fun I love my food, and am proud of you doing it, I know it is not easy. This is the most broke time for me in awhile, and it gets stressful. I hope you 3 musketeers make it through the pinch alright. Let us know about your new blog!

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  2. All My Guts and Soul

    How’s it (my trending stories) going so far? I just got an invite, and I’m very skeptical. Do you pay them? Do they pay you? Are they profiting – and how? Can you post to your own blog? Can you re-post to them from your own blog?

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    1. Tessa Post author

      I signed up and wrote one article. I heard it was a scam. They don’t pay you or you them. They claim write for a big site, but the site only grows if people write for them for free. I stopped writing for them. I can write for free on my own blog. They send invites to everyone.

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