Lab Results

I think most of you I told that my Lymes test was negative.

My A1c went up to 10.4…badddd. Working in eating healthier.

My fasting that day was 211 by them and my meter said 185. Big discrepancy.

My thyroid is back to normal.

Son’s car had broken down. Praise the  Lord the fee was zero because it was a recall repair.

The Lord has been good to me lately.

6 thoughts on “Lab Results

  1. morgueticiaatoms

    I have always had the thyroid check with every new doc before they medicate me. EVERY time I have wished for abnormal results. Anything to explain my imbalance except…mental illness. Gosh, I hate that term.
    To no avail, it is what it is.
    Glad you’re getting dealt a good hand, you had a very rough patch and deserve it.

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  2. Bipolarbrainiac

    I don’t know where mine is! I am trying to cut down on my med laundry list and would like to DC Metformin. Did you know they are using a diabetes drug…it’s starts ..I got it, Victoza or something off label as weight loss drug? Maybe it would help you do both???? Wondering. I am not getting your posts or OM’s posts. A million things. need correcting.


    1. Tessa Post author

      Sorry you are not getting our posts. I am sure there are many I am missing as well. The A1c is the most important diabetes test. It gives a much truer reading.



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