I am paying for it now…(Fibro)

I am glad I went to the graduation, but my body is paying for it now. Serious Fibro flare-up.

Pain at least a 10 (or I will claim 11 even though ten is tops on the pain scale). Wish I could soak in a hot tub, but no tub here and can’t get in and out anyhow.

And now to top it off I couldn’t sleep last night or even nap this afternoon. Nothing, but pain.

Plus I can’t talk. Losing my voice. What us Fibromites have to go through just to see our loved ones and do some minor activities. I needed help last night getting up and down in the bleachers 3 times. Had to climb the bleachers to get out of the field.

Trying to  keep my spirits up during this trial by pain. I used a lot of Ibuprofen as I don’t have any  pain pills. Ibuprofen doesn’t even take the edge off.


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