Daily Archives: June 18, 2016

Diabetes Help Line Nurse and her help.

My insurance company offers a nursing help line free. I called today and have a sort of caseworker type thing.

She gave me lots of hints about Diabetes and how to bring my numbers down.

She has given me homework and I have 2 weeks LOL!

She will call me back then.


Cut ice cream consumption in half. I don’t have to give it up. Cut my snack/junk foods down to what will fit in small bowl.

Get my sugars down to 190 to 200.

She says I need to get up the same time every day, test, take meds that need to be on empty stomach, then 30 minutes later start breakfast and take the rest of the meds that need food.

Make sure I have 3 oz at least of protein per meal. East 3 meals per day and at the same time.

I munch on carrots, but no more than 10 carrots at a time.

3 ounces of peanut butter is protein snack.

No sugar before bedtime.