5 Ways to Manage Fibromyalgia

Things You Should Do Every Day with Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

A lot of people with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome have days where we can’t do anything, whether it’s because we literally don’t have the energy to move, or whether activity causes searing pain that breaks us down physically and mentally. We never know when this might happen.

On these days, we need to limit ourselves to the basics of survival without setting ourselves up for more days like this. How’s that possible? There are some things that I have to do every day or else I pay the price with more days in bed.

The first three are things we should all do, every day, no matter what.

#1 – Take Your Medications & Supplements (if prescribed)

Many of the medications we’re prescribed have to be maintained at certain levels to be effective. If you take them erratically, you’re not going to get the full benefit. During a flare is the absolute worst time to make your meds less effective!

#2 — Eat Something Healthy (or drink at the very least)

If you’re like me, “cooking” is a bad word even on a good day. On my worst? Forget it! Some days, it may seem like too much just to lift the food to your mouth.

If you’re often alone most days, it can help to keep nutrient-packed drinks like Ensure on hand. At least you’re putting important things in your body to fuel important processes. Keep a handful of almonds, a few slices of cheese, or some yogurt handy. I also know that I feel better when I eat more fruits and vegetables.

Of course, I can’t eat a perfect diet every day – it takes far too much work. By keeping healthy foods available as much as I can, I give myself a better chance of at least eating something that’s good for me every day.

#3 — Get Plenty of Serious Rest.

This is by far the most important thing. On active days, your body probably tells you when it’s had enough. On down days, you might think all you’re doing is resting. Make sure you take time to turn off the electronics, close your eyes, and really rest. If you end up asleep, that’s even better!

#4 – Light Exercise if Possible

Our doctors tend to recommend exercise – yoga, walking (just a few minutes a day to start) or stretching if possible.

As always, start slowly and do the bare minimum for a while, then increase your time slowly and carefully as you’re able. If it makes your pain worse than STOP!

#5 — Laugh

Laughter is good medicine. You don’t want to overdo it! Not only does laughter pick up your mood, it changes your brain chemistry. They say it actually has effects that are similar to exercise, only with less exertion.

Taking Baby Steps – Start Everything Slowly

Remember, these are things to do every day to give you the best possible chance of making improvements. And yes, these are things that I do every day, with very rare exception. They’re part of the self-care that can make the difference between getting better and staying the same.

Every time you adopt a good habit or change a bad habit, you’re taking a step forward in your illness management which is important as you work toward your goal of feeling better.

8 thoughts on “5 Ways to Manage Fibromyalgia

  1. saywhatumean2say

    I don’t have Fibromyalgia but I do ache a lot. I’m not diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome but at times, I sleep or stay in bed for more than 18 hours (and that is NOT when I’m drunk)

    I’ve been diagnosed with depression and anxiety; I also have insomnia and am lazy. I am a “put off ’til who knows when” type of gal and of course an alcoholic most of the time.

    If you do one think consistently about a 100 times, it should become a habit. I usually only make it to about 45.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. darklady5

    Hi Tessa, I have been away for a very long time now. I have FM, and I must say that things are not better, I had to cut down on meds, exercise as well, as for the rest when we feel exhausted…I must say that most days I feel wasted, can’t keep my eyes open but due to factors I can’t control I can give myself rest neither at night nor during the day. I live in a very noisy building and neighbourhood where people and dogs are constantly making noise. In my opinion and self experience resting and silence is essencial for anyone who suffers from a chronic illness but all goes wrong when you don’t have it! Please don’t tell me that things can chance or that I can make something to change it because most of the times it’s very dificult to do what we wish. Sorry for venting.. I agree with your advices but add another one 🙂 don’t go out walking on summer day because it will increase all your pains and fatigue 😉


    1. Tessa Post author

      I won’t tell you to change. Change comes from within and not everything works for everyone. You have to do what you can with what you have to work with. As for walking in the summer. Not everyone with Fibro has temperature change problems. Some have both winter and summer, others one or the other, some none. I wish you well. I haven’t found the magic cure yet, but I keep trying. Never give up is my motto. I try what I hear about and see if it works. No harm in trying something new. Remember, change comes from within. Only you have the power to make a change for you. I am in horrible pain, but I haven’t given up. 🙂

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      1. darklady5

        I know what you mean Tessa and I am working hard and trust me I’ve succed a little bit, I can deal with my pains now without medication but it’s exhausting.. thank you for youe wise words and wish you well x



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