Another perpective of the Colter family and aging.

All About Healthy Choices


elaine-and-jonathanRecently, I have become aware of an interesting dichotomy. In a clothing store, a clerk told that a pair of pants I was about to purchase fit me well. The lady behind me said “of course they do, she’s so tiny anything would look good on her!” My reply was that I do put in effort to maintain my weight (not to mention overall health). She then laughed and told me how she gave up on that years ago. The next day, I was at the grocery store trying to reach an item on a top shelf. Being short, (5’2”) I had to stand on the bottom shelf, balance, and reach back for the item. The lady behind me mentioned how impressed she was with this “feat”. Honestly, it was an 8” step up and a small reach. She then said “wait until you get…

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