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This is something to think about. What are we drinking in our drinking water?

All About Healthy Choices


It’s the role of the government regulatory agency to make certain our tap water is SAFE to drink. Notice, I didn’t say HEALTHY, I said SAFE. You can’t use the term HEALTHY while consuming all the contaminants found in our water. The list (provided by the Environmental Protection Agency) is so extensive, I had to place a link for you to open!

It’s not important to read about each contaminant; the purpose of the link (in BLUE below) is to show how pervasive the contaminants are and the known diseases caused to the body.

Regulated Contaminants in Water

What ever happened to the concept of LIVING HEALTHY vs. LIVING WITHIN ACCEPTABLE SAFETY STANDARDS? These are very different concepts that result in very different outcomes.

What about UNREGULATED contaminants in our water? How are these handled? The following link in BLUE provides a description: At this site you will…

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