Bipolar Depression Lifting

I have said this many times in my life and most likely will many times again. Last week I was complaining about my medication and how it worked for a week and made things worse the next week when we upped the dosage.

I was ready to write a long complaining post again. The usual when I am feeling the deep depression. Either that or I was going off the grid for awhile because all I did was go to bed or binge watch another series on Netflix.

However, I had my session with my psychiatric nurse and I explained how the medicine worked or really didn’t work LOL, and we didn’t change the medicine, but went back to the lowest dose again and will maintain the whole month at the lower dose.

She explained to me that it is possible that my liver may not be able to metabolize the higher doses. It happens to some people. It would explain why I was stable on Cymbalta for 8 months and when we increased the dose all hell broke loose.

Today I feel better. It started late last night. This Trintellix is fast acting just like my friend promised. I stopped the medicine on Wednesday and restarted the low dose again on Thursday and by Friday night I was feeling better.

Please Dear Lord, allow this medicine to work. I have suffered for almost 60 years with bipolar and I would like my life to be calmer and easier if that be thy will.

Teresa (Tessa) Dean Smeigh

-Advocate For Mental And Invisible Illnesses

-Author Of Articles, Stories And Poems


17 thoughts on “Bipolar Depression Lifting

  1. darklady5

    It seems that things will never get any easier Tessa but that’s good to hear that some medication is working for you. I have been away from everything in the past weeks because I am deeply down and noise is the base of all my issues…I can deal with pain but I cannot deal in any way with noise, especially dogs barking. Have a great weekend my dear x

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  2. grizzleur

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you, man. I can relate but have “only” suffered from depression for 5 years. To me it seems to never go away but it can be pushed back well enough to make life okay. Anyway…good luck for you! 🙂

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