The Baby is due today…Oh no it isn’t…Is…Isn’t (Non-fiction)

Just a funny story that happened to me.

Tessa Dean - Blogger

My first 2 children were born in a North Carolina military base. At that time the OB was downstairs in the offices and at night they rolled the charts upstairs for any overnight births.

With my 2nd baby she was due October 6 and it was currently after midnight and technically October 6. This was my second baby and she was in a rush.

The nurse asked when I was due. I said today, right now. I got a lot of “honey that is impossible, babies never come on their due dates.” I was starting to get really upset. I was in labor, terrible pain and starting to scream at the nurse.

She patronized me with “let’s get our chart and check.” Day shift forgot to bring them up so someone went down for them. I was close by then.

She pulled my chart and saw the big red October…

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