Coping with hair loss from Fibromyalgia

When you have fibromyalgia, so many areas of your life are affected, including your hair. This progressive condition causes changes within the body, and one common side-effect is hair loss. Now I had hair loss, but it wasn’t so bad that anybody would notice. I was one of the lucky ones.

  1. Remember It’s Not Forever – Hair loss from fibromyalgia is only temporary. Your hair will grow back.
  2. Experiment with Wigs – While you’re waiting for your natural locks to return, you can use synthetic or real hair pieces to cover the loss. Wigs are commonly used by fibro patients during periods of hair loss.
  3. Treat Scalp Pain – Some patients with fibro experience scalp pain along with hair loss. For some, the scalp pain alone can be difficult to deal with. Your scalp may feel as if it’s on fire, and a simple brush stroke can increase the pain. In most cases, this pain is a sensation from disrupted nerve signals, and your doctor may be able to prescribe a medication to reduce this symptom. Check with your fibro doctor.
  4. Pain in the Hair – While most healthy people don’t experience pain in the hair itself, some fibro patients feel pain within their hair strands. A hair tie or brush of the hair with your fingers can be more than enough to send pain signals radiating through your body. This was another thing I experienced. Seems weird, but it is true.

Teresa (Tessa) Dean Smeigh

-Advocate for Mental and Invisible Illnesses

-Author of Articles, Stories and Poems

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