Daily Archives: August 7, 2017

Fasting sugars were low at 84 after yesterday’s party

I was surprised that my fasting sugars were only 84 this morning and didn’t even rise much from the exercise like they usually do. Of course they could hit me today or tomorrow as some things take more than a day to stabilize.

Stopping sugar is supposed to stop pain. Sugar causes inflammation. I hadn’t noticed a difference until today. My long time, always with me Fibro pain is lessening. I can touch the spots without causing terrible pain. Maybe it is true.

I may have to go off the grid again. My dad is tired of his internet service and they keep raising the prices practically every couple of months so he is looking for something else. I can’t blog on a phone even though I have unlimited data. Now there are things called hot spots I think that said I can use the data on my phone to run my computer. Will check into that once he does away with our current cable plan.

Plus once he has something I will have to figure out how to set us up and the wireless network. I reminded him that changing will affect our tv’s, computers and phones, also the kindle fires we have. My son has a notebook or notepad I think it is.

He pays the bill so we do what he wants. I will leave a message via the phone if I have to and maybe a post now and then, but for the most part I hate doing things on a phone. That includes Facebook and my groups.

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