Daily Archives: September 8, 2017

Pinched nerves!

Saw the orthopedic dr today. Both nerves are pinched, but can’t be fully seen on the cat scan so they are doing MRI’s on both. Getting the nerve test done to make sure no permanent damage and will see the pain specialist on October 17 to see about the steroid injections and pain management. He also wants me to do physical therapy on both areas, but that is simply out of the question and didn’t help last time. He also gave me 30 percocets that won’t last til pain management kicks in. Not happy about that, but the new laws suck. At least he gave me some. Also don’t know if insurance will agree to pay for part of the MRI’s yet. If not, no MRI’s.

I have told people I have Fibromyalgia already, but they are coming out of the wood work to add their 2 cents like it is new news. The Fibromyalgia isn’t helping this whole thing for sure.

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