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This is so true. Going through it now myself.

All About Healthy Choices

Publication6cropped350Nearly 70% of the U. S. population suffers from overweight or obesity. When people finally decide the road to ongoing weight gain must change, they focus their attention on food plans designed for weight loss. Although this seems to be a logical approach, it fails to achieve LONG TERM results greater than 95% of the time. With this fact known, human behavior typically chooses to follow the path of failure anyway!


Publication2cropped400“It’ll be different this time!” Frequently, the individual justifies a dietary plan they’ve previously used and “successfully” lost weight with. The problem for 95% of the people using this strategy, however, is not the ability to lose weight, but rather the ability to maintain weight loss.

It’ll be different this time, because I know where I went wrong last time.

It won’t be different (for a large majority of people) because LONG TERM weight loss (and…

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