#WeekendCoffeeShare: Now it is pinched nerves – September 2017

If we were having coffee this weekend, I would be drinking water (my main drink since my diabetes is so out of control) and you could have your choice of beverages.

I would tell you about my new struggles with life. I have pinched nerves in my neck and back causing extensive pain, more than my normal chronic pain. I was given a few percocets, but they won’t last until my pain management appointment October 17. Thanks to all the people abusing drugs, those of us in true pain can’t get what we need. I am thankful for what they could give me.

I have MRI’s to get, a nerve test to study the amount of damage and then steroid injections (there goes my sugar levels sky high) and then hopefully pain meds. This is the second time in 7 years I went through this. Last time I was also diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. That is adding its 2 cents as well.

My bipolar is not as bad right now, but it is adding its 2 cents as well. I can’t help, but feel depression during all of this. I have lived with chronic pain for 40 years now and this is so much worse. Hopefully the injections will help. I am going to the same dr so I hope she will follow along with the same treatment.

I am skipping the 2 treatments of physical therapy due to cost and they really didn’t help much last time. Living on a government disability check is impossible and I have no choice, but to go for this medical treatment. It will push the added burden of the bankruptcy sooner rather than later.

I keep trying to remind myself that God will provide for my needs, but the other part of me wants to know why I must go through all this pain, both physical and mental. I know there are people worse off than I and surgery is not on the table at this point, but this is degenerative, hence the name Degenerative Disk Disease. The inflammation from the arthritis and herniated disks is what is pinching the nerves. The injections if possible will help take down some of the inflammation.

They say that not eating sugar helps inflammation. I barely eat any following this low carb diet, but it doesn’t seem to help the inflammation from my standpoint.

Okay, done complaining for now.

Hope you all have a great and blessed week!

Teresa (Tessa) Dean Smeigh

-Advocate for Mental and Invisible Illnesses

-Author of Articles, Stories and Poems


http://www.finallyawriter.wordpress.com (moving posts to other blog and will be deleting this one.

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