Pain, trying distraction by writing creatively

I am trying not to complain constantly about the pain. It sure doesn’t help me or anyone else. I am getting sick of myself complaining as well. The pain pills help somewhat, but hope something can be done to decrease the pain some. I can take a lot of pain so you know this is bad.

We are having car troubles right now and 2 out of 3 cars were at the shop today. One is still there til tomorrow only hopefully and the other one they did work on today, but didn’t fix the problem.

I have a ride to my therapy tomorrow at least as my car is being used to get my son to work.

I have been searching for Haiku prompts as that is all I feel like writing right now. No stories seem to be coming, but a Haiku I can whip them out. The Shadorma is similar, but has more syllables to use.

Teresa (Tessa) Dean Smeigh

-Advocate for Mental and Invisible Illnesses

-Author of Articles, Stories and Poems (moving posts to other blog and will be deleting this one).

7 thoughts on “Pain, trying distraction by writing creatively

  1. suesuzzz

    awww gurl its ok to complain …anytime…we write what we feel or know…or just for fun…
    your not a pain to anyone so write till your big heart can’t write any longer for the day…lol…

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      1. suesuzzz

        thank you so very much for such kind words gurl… YOU are tooo …very nice and you come from the heart…
        I understand pain or how it is to live it everyday… so if you are feeling it write it, that is what I love about WP you can write about anything and it’s your blog so don’t let anyone take that away from you…say what you mean and write…

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  2. morgueticiaatoms

    Writing would so help with some of my garbage but I cannot write when so scattered and anxious. Other than rambling blog posts, of course, but that’s more mental purge than serious writing for me.

    Glad writing helps you refocus your thoughts and energy. We gotta grab whatever we can and hold on tight.

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