Divine Intervention and Pain

As I mentioned my dad does faith healing and has been doing divine intervention on my back and neck pain and pinched nerves. The pain is going away slowly although I will have an occasional flare-up.

Today is one of those days. It was fine all day, but I went grocery shopping and the bags were just too much and gave me pain, but on the opposite side from where it has been residing for the last couple of months. Obviously lifting is not a good thing to do at this point.

I spent all day trying to get one doctor’s office to fax a script over to my PCP so I can have the EKG done so I can have the epidural procedure done. Complete waste of time and calling. I call the pain dr and the girl says I am faxing it now and takes all the info down again. I wait a couple of hours because the girl at my PCP’s office says she will call as soon as she receives it and we will schedule the appointment and I can’t schedule it until they have it in hand. Seems simple enough, but not working.

I also had an upset stomach all day which didn’t help. Time is running out for the EKG to be scheduled in time for the epidural procedure which is November 14. Maybe it has a purpose. Maybe I don’t need to have it done at all. Would be great if the healing worked well enough to cancel the epidural. Save me money and a shot in the spine I can do without.

I grew up with Divine Interventional Healing. I also grew up in the psychic world and even see things myself and have predicted several things that have happened exactly as I saw them. Scary dreams have double the power of scaring me as they do at times come true, plus they are scary.

I am stuck between two worlds/universes. Stuck with a full belief in angels, ghosts, mediums, psychics and predicting the future and in the traditional belief in God which is becoming stronger. i do believe they can both live together in this world.

We have always believed in re-incarnation, but recently since my mom passed doubts have set in. My dad believes in other lives, but he also believes that my mom and the rest of the family will be in heaven waiting to welcome him. This is a rough one. He is living with the hope that he will see them all again, but he also believes we live many lives.

Teresa (Tessa) Dean Smeigh

-Advocate for Mental and Invisible Illnesses

-Author of Articles, Stories and Poems


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