Surviving NaNoWriMo; a Guide to the Late Starter

There is still hope according to this blog writer.

The Merry Writer

So it’s day two or three, and you haven’t written a single god-damn word.

What do you do;

A) Cry

B) Give Up

C) Cry and then Give Up


D) Follow these Five Tips for Surviving NaNoWriMo when you have no time to spare?

Well, it’s up to you… but I’d try D id you’re really keen on the idea of participating. 1)

First of all, and this one’s on the house, take a deep breath; I get it (every writer does) as we speak it’s nearly day three and I have not written a word. Why? Because I’m moving house, I have two jobs, and I have to keep my family and dogs more or less alive. I’m stressed about one hundred things, but NaNo ain’t one; I can write, of this I’m sure, and it may shock you to learn that I’m equally certain that YOU can…

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