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#WeekendCoffeeShare: Tuesday is my epidural (steroid) shot


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#WeekendCoffeeShare with Eclecticali


If we were having coffee I would be mentioning how my epidural (steroid) shot is this coming Tuesday. I am relieved and terrifed at the same time. I am afraid of needles though giving myself shots 4 times a day is helping me get over it. But the possibility of relief of this God-awful pain gives me hope .

Today is my EKG for the epidural. I am used to them. I have had so many of them it isn’t funny.

I will be heading to my weekly brunch tomorrow morning with my BFF. We both look forward to that. Having diabetes limits my choices of food and I am on insulin. I take 3 shots with meals and a long term shot at bedtime. 4 a day plus all the finger pricking. I have been on insulin since June 7 of this year, My A1c has come down a lot and my daily readings are usually pretty low and under control usually anyhow. I have an occasional relapse for a special occasion or a low because I miscalculated my carb count. The Endocrinologist won’t like the lows. He wants my sugars above 100 and I am determined to get the numbers down to a normal range for a normal person, not normal for a diabetic. Well my numbers seem to be over 100 this last week. Should make the doctor happier. I had no lows to treat.

I am still changing my bills to the the new bank. As I pay each one this month I have to make the change. Soon I should be done with all the changes due to changing banks.

Have a great weekend and God Bless You All!

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