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Diabetes Chronicles 2

I did some major thinking today. I know low carb is the answer, but I am not getting results like the others claim they are. There are also many low carb diet groups out there and they are not as restrictive as the one I have been following.

My cooking sucks, I hate most veggies and the few foods I will eat as part of this group are very little choice-wise. They are high fat and what they add to foods to make it high fat makes me want to puke. Adding butter to coffee, I just think that is gross among other things.

So basically I am unhappy with all their things we can’t have and not happy with what we can other than bacon and eggs. I stopped the Sugar Free Jello and have nothing sweet in my diet. I can’t keep this up. I tried to talk it up yesterday, but I am not really into it.

I am going to stay low carb, but not be as strict on the kinds of foods I can have. There are many types of low carb diets out there and who can say which is right. Right now I am going to just try low carb and not follow the super restrictive diet I have been trying to follow. It is not working for me. This current group cuts out a lot of food groups and doesn’t believe in moderation either. They tell me and so have other research that sugar causes inflammation and to stop it would stop the pain. 6 months of very little carbs/sugar and it definitely does not cut down on the pain. My current round of steroid shots should show that.

I understand the need to keep my blood sugar counts low, but as to what carbs I need to cut out is up for change right now. I may start my own research rather than just listen to all these people and their two cents.

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