Diabetes Chronicles 4 – Plus a helpful article about low carb diets


The last few days except yesterday I kept my sugar/carb count very low. Yesterday I lost control and had more sugar than I should have. I had to adjust my insulin injections to bring my numbers down to the near normal numbers I want. The dr wants them higher because I did suffer a low in there. I know how to fix a low so he needn’t carry on so. It is important to keep the numbers down near the numbers normal people get because they are starting to find out that spiking at 120 or higher is dangerous and speeds up the diabetes damage.

I see an endocrinologist who is supposed to be a specialist in diabetes, but even he believes we should keep our carbs higher and our numbers higher. I hate fighting with my dr all the time, but I do believe that low carb is the way to go and that it is possible to bring our numbers nearer to normal. No, it won’t ever cure the diabetes, but we can reap the benefits of the normal numbers just like a normal person.

I wish I could just dial a number in my insulin pen that is in the normal range and it will dispense the required units of insulin. I have to work on my correcting dosages to add to the sliding scale the doctor has given me. I admit I do mess up a bit now and then and he would rather I be too high than have a low. If I couldn’t fix my lows with glucose tablets than maybe he would be right, but I can fix the lows with a minimum of fuss. If I am asleep it does wake me up feeling weird like that. To a seasoned sufferer of Diabetes it is hard to miss. They should concentrate on their new patients.

The above article touches on a lot of things about low carb diets.

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