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Diabetes Chronicles 5 – Plus a helpful article about low carb diets and diabetes

First off I want to say, I don’t mind doing this research as it helps me and perhaps you if you have type 2 Diabetes. Just remember I am not a doctor and I cannot vouch for this information. It is just stuff I have learned either over the years or is even new to me.



I am having more low Blood Sugars than normal. I am over-correcting my insulin. I have to work on that. 70 is considered low by most people and I have been dropping down to 50 to 60.

The best way to correct a low is to take your blood sugar. Take 1 tablet of glucose (sold over the counter) and wait 15 minutes. Check it again and if still way too low take one more tablet. It is rare to need more than 2 to fix a low.

Do not use candy, juice or soda or other high carb foods as it takes too long and over-corrects. The safest way is to use the glucose tablets.

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